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Winter necessities…

The warm dry air inside your home and the the cold dry air outside creates the perfect environment for itchy dry skin and coat. Omega 3 fatty acid supplements are the answer to this problem. Salmon Oil is one of the best sources of Omega 3 for pets and people. Available in capsule and liquid… 

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Answers Raw Goats Milk

Answers goats milk…

One of the hottest products on the market for improving gut health for pets is Raw goats milk!  Never having been heated or processed, goats milk contains many nutrients and cultures that can improve your pets digestive health.  Click on the link to find out more about raw Goats milk. GOATS MILK


Herbsmith Microflora…

Digestive health is the key to over all health. Most of our pets do not have the necessary enzymes and beneficial bacteria in their gut to properly and efficiently digest their food and reap all of it’s benefits.MIcroflora is an easy way to fill this gap. In easy to administer capsules, available in 60 and… 

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